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Thank God it's Friday - TGIF

Good Friday has puzzled many of us over why this day where we remember the crucifixion would be called 'good'. Of lots of things you could think of 'good' wouldn't be right up there on my list. Of course, when we know it in the perspective of Easter Sunday it is very good, for us. But this dark day of death and agony doesn't bear much sense of 'good'.

Muddy Church is about wondering and wandering and there is lots within this day for both of these - taking a walk up a hill and thinking of that agonising journey that Jesus couldn't manage without help. The kindness of people who walk with us and being grateful for the times others have helped us along our own journeys. The pain of carrying burdens that are not our own and yet we cannot lay them down because others are relying on us. The depth of sacrificial love that would put others before ourselves when so often we can't spare half an hour a day, time off social media or a week without chocolate.

Wondering and wandering is not always the joy of jumping in puddles but it is allowing ourselves to engage in the community we live in, the world we find ourselves, to share in that pain but to hold onto hope and faith. God has been speaking to me about 'silence', it is not something I find easy or comfortable but today try to find some space for yourself and God to sit, to be, to wander, to be still and be silent as you wait.......

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