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The Family is Growing...

At the heart of Muddy Church is always the Bible, the Word of God. I love it when you read something and it jumps out at you, maybe a verse you have read hundreds of times, but this one, you notice it. I have always loved looking at the origins of words, what they mean, how they link, where one part connects to another... a giant tapestry with the most surprising pictures emerging.

Also, I have noticed children with less and less bible literacy, missing out on the incredible stories and being able to see what they mean to us. As a mum, I was fortunate to homeschool some of our children when we lived overseas and had a Christian curriculum. Now, as my children grow and I no longer teach them (formally!) I realise that I need to do something to help them love the bible like I do. There is so much research relating to the importance of faith at home and in families and I am aware not all children have parents who believe and so what do we do?

Well, Muddy Church has always been about going beyond the walls and so

now we are sneaking out and sneaking in... a new range of books designed for families to wander and wonder together through bible stories.

I love the phrase 'Bring the Bible to Life' because it depends how you read it - bringing it to be alive but also bringing it into our everyday. So, that's what we are doing, three new books that are set out around a bible character or story and offer families or groups to wander and wonder together. Of course, it isn't just for families but is designed in an easy to read format, eye catching illustrations to engage children and hopefully those of other generations too.

These books and this range (My Muddy Church Adventure) isn't available to download, as normal, because of the format and style but they are priced at just £2 per book or all three for £5 and discounts on multiple orders to mean you can get them for just £1 each, hopefully affordable to give and to share.

I really hope you enjoy these books and see the value of them. As always they are not designed to sit on a shelf but to be grabbed hold of, taken outside and covered in muddy fingerprints and happy smiles.

We hope you enjoy these books, that you can use them individually and in your groups, they are even planned so you could use them for a summer holiday club and I do have some extra resources to support this if you would like. Most of all I hope that we can continue to engage all ages in the most amazing story ever written.

Find out more or order direct:


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