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Could this answer your questions?

I was recently so excited to be able to take my family to the Giant’s Causeway. It had always been somewhere I had wanted to go and it took decades before I was visiting my friend and she took me. So on a trip to Northern Ireland this was a must.

We arrived early (for us, really about 9:30am) and wandered down the pathway from the visitors center. The hot weather had worked up a fantastic sea mist which made seeing far ahead of you difficult and no chance for Scotland. But it also created a natural setting far greater than a 90’s fog machine. As we wandered we looked at the different things along the way, flowers, the chimneys, a camel or was it a boot? Then we arrived and the children took off on the smooth stones to adventure. Much less agile I stumbled behind marvelling at the perfectly formed rocks alongside regular rocks. I decided my stumbling was not great and took off my boots, it was the best thing ever. The connection as you felt the smooth, cool rocks, formed thousands of years before. The stories of those who had trodden here before, the smell of the sea and the very gentle whispering between the wind and the sea.

As we walked around a couple of men were chatting, one a photographer from America and another man who was visiting with his family, having lived locally before. Hey, who says I am nosey? The ex-local man said “It makes you think, doesn’t it? How could this just happen?”

I smiled, the perfect Muddy moment, miraculously I did not butt in, but left the two to wonder together. It was not my job or place to give answers, it never is.


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