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Leave her alone...

"Leave her alone," said Jesus. "Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing to me."

Mark 14:6

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Beautiful things

As I was reflecting on this verse it has stuck with me all week. There was Mary, breaking open the jar and anointing the head of Jesus. Those aromas filling the air, the feel of the oil, flowing, luxurious, seeing in her eyes that gift of this amazing act of kindness of honouring. Then.

The haters out there are often the voices we hear loudest and who have the lasting impact - those negative words questioning what we do, our values, our actions. There are so often the people who 'bother' us, quick to share their opinions disregarding how that may affect us. But look at Jesus' words - "Why are you bothering her?" I wonder where you could imagine Jesus saying that around you- when you have come to the end of your giving, when you have served to the ends of your heart, when you have tried your best.

On this day of celebrating women I hope you hear these words and know Jesus is shouting them around you, when you hear the critics, when you notice the mumbling and moaning, when your heart is broken by ingratitude remember Jesus. The value of who you are is not in pushing yourself and pleasing people until you can give no more, but to be willing to break your gift to share, to see the Saviour and to know he has seen your beautiful thing.

Lady - you are seen and valued for you and your heart, you have done a beautiful thing.

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