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Winter & Christmas

Sharing the Wonder...

Our downloads are all free, please honour this and give credit back to Muddy Church.
Image by Callum Wale
Winter is a wonderful time for wandering outside and offers a space away from hustle and bustle and strips back to the simple exploring the stories of our faith.  The cool chill on your cheeks and the crisp crunch of the ground adds to that wonderful opportunity to engage all of our senses into moments of joy and memories.
Instead of only having the tree inside we are encouraging you to enjoy the outdoor senses - the smells, feels, that chance to gather your thoughts.  The resources are ideal for following through the Advent season (and beyond), for individual devotions or even a family walk after Christmas lunch!  
Out of the Ordinary A4 (Landscape) - 1.png
Out of the Ordinary A4 (Landscape) - 9.png
Make this Christmas Out of the Ordinary - based on "Out of the Ordinary" theme from The Methodist Church.  This pack offers spaces and places to explore how the Christmas story brought the extra-ordinary gift into our every day lives. 
Out of the Ordinary A4 (Landscape) - 13.png
Out of the Ordinary A4 (Landscape) - 16.png
adventure (1).png
Click to download the full PDF pack for FREE
A fresh adventure through the Christmas story.  Discover the characters and connect with their story and find who is missing this Christmas.
Journey to Bethlehem is an adaptable set, designed for using indoors or outside.  With wondering questions, wandering spaces, take home activity sheets, prayer ideas, crafts and games it is ready to go.  
Take a stroll and take a picture, share your snap and discover the story.  
Different formats available from a Wondering Trail, to the QR Photo Shoot and even a 1 sheet wonder!
Screenshot 2021-11-02 at 14.19.33.png
An interactive advent journey through the bible to find our place in the story.
Wonder and wander through the 24 days and moments to rediscover the meaning of Christmas.
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Click to download the full PDF pack for FREE
Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 22.35.52.png
Created for The Children's Society, the Muddy Church Christingle offers the space to explore outside.
Using the familiar symbols and spaces around us to celebrate the light of Christmas
An adaptable trail that can be followed using one sheet or with set Pause spaces around an area.

Nature was the one to guide the king's to Jesus, join the journey to see how it speaks into your life.

Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 12.57.48.png
Click to download the full PDF pack for FREE
Click to download the full PDF pack for FREE
This pack is designed as A5 cards that can lead you through Advent and beyond.  Each offers a wondering question ideal for devotions, discussions and thinking afresh about faith.
Click to download the full PDF pack for FREE

Simple Wanders and Activities
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