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Welcome to The Adventure

Come and wander with us through the Christmas story, meet the characters and join in the wondering and wonder.

Take your time, don't worry if you don't meet everyone in one go!
The trail can be printed out and followed, used directly from the website or based around a QR code trail.  
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A Promise and a Song

Mary was promised to Joseph, she had plans, ideas, hopes and dreams. The angel’s news changed all of that. Mary had a choice – would she trust in this adventure?

You can read about this part of the story in Luke 1:26-38

I had a Dream

Joseph didn’t want things to be difficult for Mary, he loved her very much. But God had plans for him too and even whilst he was sleeping God spoke to him.

You can read about this part of the story in the bible in Matthew 1:18-21

On the Road

Mary & Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem because Caesar Augustus wanted to know how many people he ruled over. It was a long way travelling over 90 miles along flatlands and hills, rainy, cold weather and would have taken them days. We don’t know if they had a donkey but their route took them through forests with wild animals, bandits and many dangers.

You can read about this part of the story in Luke 2:1-5

A Place of Shelter

Mary and Joseph were tired but the city was so busy and there was no where for them to stay. Eventually one kind person offered them the only space they had, where they normally kept the animals. I wonder if it was cold or if it was smelly?

You can read about this part of the story in the bible in Luke 2:6-7

A Song in the Night

As the shepherds sat, like any other night an angel appeared – I wonder what the sheep thought?
They were told where to find Jesus and then all of heaven burst out like they couldn’t wait any longer, singing their happiness. They went and found Jesus and then the very next thing they did was go and tell everyone else about Him.
Advent is the time of waiting but also the thrill of finding!

You can read about this part of the story in Luke 2:8-20

A Long Journey

The Magi or Kings came on a long journey searching for Jesus, they had been waiting for this King for many years. They expected to find Him in a place of importance, they asked people where He was but no one knew. It was the star that led them to that small town, no where special and yet one of the most important places in history.

You can read about th