Muddy Church Sessions

One of the wonderful things about Muddy Church is the low cost and low pressure.  The idea of being in and part of nature means that we try to use those resources around us.  

There are a range of craft ideas that are fun to make and activities for drawing together or feasting but generally try and see what is around you and bring that into being.

Every Muddy Church is different, each is autonomous,  because it is about you engaging with your community, some people are in very rural areas, others in the inner city, for some people there is a specific age group but generally we aim to be intergenerational.  The ideas and resources here are to spark ideas, to add some of the ingredients or to help support you.  We do not provide plans or programmes, structures or routines because that is not the heart of Muddy Church it is about being aware, listening and responding to the world around you and God.

Image by Toa Heftiba
Farm 2

In a Private Location....

It may be a farm, a business, a school, a private woodland or somewhere with landowners (not the church) which offers a space for your Muddy Church.

Vineyard in front of a Church

In the Church....

Some Muddy Church communities are held in the church garden, car park or grounds.

You are welcome to use any of this information, design or logos but not for profit.  It would be great if you could give a link back to

These are printable and adaptable but we can print out the flyers or activity pack inserts for you, please contact us for pricing and shipping details.

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Some ideas for activities - take a look at the Facebook Page for regular resource updates and ideas. 



Click on the image for the activity sheet.

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