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Muddy Church at Church

That might seem like the craziest title but holding Muddy Church in Church grounds offers its own joys and challenges.

Graveyards, gardens, fields and car parks.... many churches offer wonderful spaces around them for a bit of creativity and connection.

Does holding Muddy Church in the church grounds mean for some people they still may feel a barrier or does it offer a place of sanctuary, security and positive expectation?

How can you use the spaces you have?

Tarps, trails, simple pathways, firepits or story circles can be created as temporary or permanent fixtures.

Are there groups who use your facilities who might be interested in Muddy Church who you can connect with in a different way?

Although generally Muddy Church is not exceptionally noisy do be considerate of neighbours.

Does Muddy Church fit with your church values and ethos particularly around caring for creation and the environment?

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