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Farm, Field, Private Land or Garden

Some groups have access to spaces that are owned privately or by organisations not the church.  It might be a school space, a farm or even the National Trust.  As we look at our community there are often lots of spaces around that might offer different experiences to engage rather than having one site.

St Andrew's Muddy Church has accessed a number of different places to lead and hold activities from apple pressing to the tree cathedral but always be ready for the unexpected.

MC apple 3.jpg
MC apple 2.jpg
Accessibility is a big part of Muddy Church and so a few things to think about if looking to use private spaces -
how can people get there? 
We are trying to engage with creation and so limiting reliance on driving places is part of this.  It also means it would be unaccessible for some.
Is there a cost?
It may only be £2 entrance to you but for some people that is not within their budget.  So if there is a cost can that be covered as part of the session?
Is the space accessible?
Going deep in the forest is fun but if you have limited mobility and there is not a clear pathway it can be impossible.  Think about how we can make places accessible for everyone.
Gift Sack
Drawing of Owl

Always make sure you have land owners permission and appropriate insurance.

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