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The Children's Society have been leading us in Christingle services for over 50 years.  A special service and celebration for all ages to think about our connection to the world, to others and to God.

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the whole pack

(42 pages)

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Each picture will come up on the mobile device with some information and activity.  The QR codes are available by clicking on the QR code image

The codes can be placed anywhere (with permission) on lamp posts, trees, shop windows, homes or around a garden. 

Apart from the last one each station also has wondering sheets and activities - these can be downloaded from the webpage or from here by clicking on the images.  You can use as many stations as you want or as are appropriate for you.  Please remember to consider donating to the Children's Society if you are able - this has all been made and offered freely from Muddy Church and no money will go to us.


This trail has been designed to use with a QR reader -

 - on smartphones point the camera at the code or use a QR reader app.

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the whole pack

(42 pages)

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