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We are delighted to be offering this trail and all of the resources in partnership with The Children's Society.  Originally from the Moravian Church, The Children's Society have been supporting churches to run Christingle services for many years.  The sensory nature of the Christingle makes it ideally suited to Muddy Church through the encouragement of using our senses to engage with God and the world around us.  

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As always the resources are available here for free, you can use the QR codes (here) to follow the trail or any of the images.  The resources is also available at The Children's Society Christingle page along with lots of extra items you could have to make it more special.  

This is available for free but we would love to encourage you to REGISTER your Muddy Church Christingle with The Children's Society or DONATE to support the incredible work they do.

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QR codes are available to use for this trail.  Simply print, display, scan and follow.
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Taste and See

I wonder what God enjoyed making the most?

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True Love

I wonder if you can see God's fingerprints anywhere?

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So Sweet

I wonder what gifts God likes to receive?

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See the Light

I wonder if there are places where you can see God as light?

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