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Nativity Hark - the Christmas Baby shark

In case you haven't been driven mad all summer by Baby Shark we've made it into a nativity story. My girls loved this, it's simple, tells the basic story and is so catchy you will never get it out your head (hmmm not sure that is a selling point??!) The story starts with 'Hello Mary' -do do do do do with a simple wave Then we say 'Hello Joe' - do do do do do and another simple wave They go on a donkey ride (donkey ears and riding a donkey) - you could get more active by jumping on someone's back to have a donkey ride??! Then sadly when they get to Bethlehem they find there is 'No room' -no, no, no, no, no. Well we skip a little bit where they got to stay in a stable/barn/cave - check your

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