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Nativity Hark - the Christmas Baby shark

In case you haven't been driven mad all summer by Baby Shark we've made it into a nativity story. My girls loved this, it's simple, tells the basic story and is so catchy you will never get it out your head (hmmm not sure that is a selling point??!)

The story starts with 'Hello Mary' -do do do do do with a simple wave

Then we say 'Hello Joe' - do do do do do and another simple wave

They go on a donkey ride (donkey ears and riding a donkey) - you could get more active by jumping on someone's back to have a donkey ride??!

Then sadly when they get to Bethlehem they find there is 'No room' -no, no, no, no, no.

Well we skip a little bit where they got to stay in a stable/barn/cave - check your own theological preference and then 'Baby's born' do do do do do (rocking baby action).

Of course it wasn't just the family in the barn but some shepherds heard from an angel (I really wanted an angel in but didn't have enough verses) 'Here's the shepherd's' baa baa baa baa baa

Then the wise men came following the star - 'Wise Man's star' do do do do do do (star shape hands in the sky)

Finally we get the whole picture - this is Christmas time (have a party!)

Well actually it wasn't finally because this is just part of God's big narrative in which we are all a part... so it's 'not the end -do do do do do'

There are two versions one with our dodgy attempt of singing it and then one karaoke that you can use yourself.

I just put this together as a Christmas activity for fun and don't own the rights.

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