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#LentVoices : Sacrifice and Reflection

Today is a day of reflecting and remembering. As we continue thinking about “sacrifice”, from John 12 ,Jesus reminds us of the reactions of people. The Greeks who wanted to meet Him, the disciples keen to introduce a friend, the crowds following, the audible voice like thunder. In such a short while all of those voices would be distant jeers, mocking crowds and silence as Jesus faced ultimate isolation.

Some of us may have heard that echo of loneliness over the past year or experienced loss of the voices of friends and family. We may have lost the acclaim of our job, or role, as redundancy or unemployment took away our security and success.

It may be hard to find comfort in what can feel like platitudes of a God who understands or assurance in a message of resurrection and a brighter life. As Jesus shared here, He didn't speak with simple words or fridge magnet concepts but with the reality of what this sacrifice was going to cost – physically, emotionally and relationally.

Today you may plant a seed in the hope that it will grow, or pause and shed a tear for all that you have lost. Sacrifice is not easy, it is not something we just get over, it holds cost and pain. As you reflect today may it be part of a journey and a story that one day will be shared. Today may you know your sacrifice is known, seen and felt.

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