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Thank God it's Friday - TGIF

Good Friday has puzzled many of us over why this day where we remember the crucifixion would be called 'good'. Of lots of things you could think of 'good' wouldn't be right up there on my list. Of course, when we know it in the perspective of Easter Sunday it is very good, for us. But this dark day of death and agony doesn't bear much sense of 'good'. Muddy Church is about wondering and wandering and there is lots within this day for both of these - taking a walk up a hill and thinking of that agonising journey that Jesus couldn't manage without help. The kindness of people who walk with us and being grateful for the times others have helped us along our own journeys. The pain of carryi

Bread Sticks and Memories

This day, thirty three (roughly!) years had led to this day and yet so many hundreds of years before were part of today's story as well. This day, the washing of feet, the meal of the Passover (Matthew 26:30) leading to the first celebration of the Holy Communion and the taking away of the Hope of the world.... wow, what a day! The solemn stories should not be hidden from our children, they will know joy and sadness and make connections that we don't imagine but equally we each need to be sensitive to what is going off in the lives of the people around us. Perhaps today you want to wash each other's feet, to offer an honouring of the person - what I like about you. I personally hate anyo

Spy Wednesday - Wonderful Wednesday

Matthew 26 There are so many things in this chapter that make us think but as we walk through Holy Week the 'official' title of today has to be my favourite - Spy Wednesday! Today we think about Judas choosing to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.... did ever so little have so much value? The options for thinking activities today are massive - apart from the obvious Eye Spy-a-thon all day (yes, that would drive you mad!) you can prepare for the Easter egg hunts with hidden coins around the garden, house, neighbourhood, wherever. We have a pot of play coins but my dodgy maths makes me think if you used 5p's this would only be £1.50 and then you could ask the question what would you sw

You are Invited - Holy Tuesday

Thoughtful Tuesday - Matthew 22 I love the Godly Play parables, in a gold box - something old, something precious and they come with a lid because sometimes you can't open them, but you can come back and try again. Parables were normal stories, designed to intrigue you, to draw you into a discussion, a thought, a wander and ponder and not a one and only answer. This parable seems pretty clear - the invitation was given to the rich and important but when they didn't want to come everyone was invited. What great news to think about at Easter - we were invited and we still are. Banquets are fancy places that involve an effort - hours to do your hair and make-up, to wear some special outfit a

Cleaning Up

Matthew 21 Walking through Holy Week this first days sees us with Jesus re-entering Jerusalem. He sees the selling and merchandise, the disregard for the holiness of this place and it breaks Him, it breaks Him in a way we so rarely see and His righteous anger sees him throwing the tables and cleansing the temple. We all get angry and this would be a great time to think about those things that we are passionate about and the times we need to speak up and speak out. To think about the tactics we have beyond counting to 10 that help us to cope..... For today you might focus on that side of the story - lay in the garden and watch the cloud shapes, count the stars and remember perspective, wand

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