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Cleaning Up

Matthew 21

Walking through Holy Week this first days sees us with Jesus re-entering Jerusalem. He sees the selling and merchandise, the disregard for the holiness of this place and it breaks Him, it breaks Him in a way we so rarely see and His righteous anger sees him throwing the tables and cleansing the temple.

We all get angry and this would be a great time to think about those things that we are passionate about and the times we need to speak up and speak out. To think about the tactics we have beyond counting to 10 that help us to cope.....

For today you might focus on that side of the story - lay in the garden and watch the cloud shapes, count the stars and remember perspective, wander with your thoughts and take deep breaths.

But I just discovered what 'Hinching' is, my house shows why I wouldn't know this!! It's a 'craze' on cleaning and so fits great with today's story on 'cleansing the temple'??? No, too loose a connection! Well it's a great idea to spend some time thinking about the areas of your house that need sorting, cleaning and clearing but also a great opportunity to grab a bag, some gloves and do a little litter pick in your area. Jesus' desire was to make a change to the way people act, every little bit we do makes a difference and helps us all to think twice about the rubbish we dispose of.

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