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You are Invited - Holy Tuesday

Thoughtful Tuesday - Matthew 22

I love the Godly Play parables, in a gold box - something old, something precious and they come with a lid because sometimes you can't open them, but you can come back and try again. Parables were normal stories, designed to intrigue you, to draw you into a discussion, a thought, a wander and ponder and not a one and only answer. This parable seems pretty clear - the invitation was given to the rich and important but when they didn't want to come everyone was invited. What great news to think about at Easter - we were invited and we still are.

Banquets are fancy places that involve an effort - hours to do your hair and make-up, to wear some special outfit and to celebrate an occasion. Today why not have a picnic banquet? It doesn't have to be fancy, the great thing about picnics are you open the fridge or the cupboard and grab some things and anything goes... well at least in our house that's how it is!

At Muddy Church we believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes! Don't let the weather stop your fun - if it's beautiful sunshine grab a hat and suncream and if it's raining grab an umbrella. If you really can't bear the thought of sitting in the cold my kids have always loved blanket picnics in the living room.

Wherever you choose to eat today don't forget to remember you are invited!

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