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Where am I going?

I was reading a blog post by Marilyn Gardiner ( sharing some thoughts and experiences and part of that was her writing about the Boston Freedom Trail. She talks about it as:

"’s a path that winds through the city taking you to famous sites along the way. Every step of the path leads you into a story from the past and you find yourself immersed in America’s beginnings and fight for freedom.

Churches, museums, graveyards, and a ship are just a few of the treasured sites along the way."

I loved this description and the idea of recognising the parts of a community that could be walked past, overlooked or ignored and I thought how well this fits into the Muddy Church philosophy and approach. In the challenges of some people not gathering together we have worked on trails and having stations or points of different activities but this takes it that bit further. My dream is to put together a short online course for looking at our communities (beyond the walls) and this made me think about the places that I might include in our town - suddenly there are so many amazing places, small spots, those I travel past every day, the ones recorded in the Doomsday book and the ones that are new or relevant to more recent generations. The connections would not be to the same reasonings as for Marilyn but would be about our town, our places and spaces.

I wonder where you might add? I wonder what reflection you may have in that space? I wonder if having this kind of a trail connects our lives to our histories and offers something deeper? I wonder if there are specific things like certain trees or parks that could connect into a town/city/village trail?


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