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#LentVoices: And then I looked inside the bag....

Over the next week #LentVoices will reflect on 'Cleansing' based on John 2:13-22. As I read this I thought about how Jesus showed anger at the way the temple was being misused and filled. We may take that anger based on the commercialisation of sacred spaces or the wrong motives of leaders and officials. But bringing this into our lives feels even less comfortable – because what might Jesus throw out of how we live?

As part of Lent at Muddy Church we have offered this simple A4 sheet for people to use as contemplative and practical exercise. The idea is to consider a bag each day – you might finally declutter that drawer and sort it out, discovering how many pens you really do have. As you clear out the clutter how does it reflect on the things internally that we shove, pushing down into a disorganised drawer of life?

Another day you may sort a bag of clothes or toys to give to a charity shop- but then reflecting on the excesses we have and the ease we may have of purchasing items but at what environmental cost?

It’s not necessarily about just clearing out but also being intentional in blessing and honouring others – a bag of sweeties for a friend or some food to the Foodbank. Some of the greatest acts of generosity to me came from living in a really poor neighbourhood with people who by first world standards had virtually nothing.

As I have been thinking about nature connectedness there is a staggering figure that 80% of people said they were concerned about nature but only 20% did anything about it. The same is true as we look at our choices, buying and storing - we can say we are concerned but not change our actions or behaviour.

As we reflect this week on cleansing the temple I wonder how it may be linked to the instructions Jesus gave to the disciples about what to take on their journey (Luke 9) or resisting the material urges of what we store up (Matthew 6). I wonder where our lifestyle and choices need to adjust if Jesus comes into your house today?


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