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The Giant's Story

On a visit to Northern Ireland my friend took me to the Giant's Causeway, she knew it was somewhere I had always wanted to go, so she took me.

It was amazing, the most beautiful autumn day with a cool enough breeze to let your cheeks feel cold but bright blue skies, sunshine and waves crashing reminding you of their power.

The trip was amazing because it was with a friend - adventuring and journeying is always better with someone else.

The Causeway was not as big as I imagined but the shapes and forms led to an amazement at how things can each be unique and yet fit perfectly to become powerful against the storms, they weren't unchanged, each reacted differently but they still stood together.

But the magic of the place for me was in the tale - there was in this natural place a sense of story, Finn the giant, battles across the sea that you could stand and imagine and brought the breathtaking beauty into a deeper realm. I don't know if Giants ever existed or remain in the realms of myth and legend but I do know that stories bring depth, connection, wonder and smiles.

Climbing on the slippery rocks my friend and I caught up with stories of the years gone by and we shared new memories and old. Muddy Church is a place of sharing stories as we wander and wonder together, it may not be in scenery as stunning as the Causeway but each is a part of history shared, marked, carried together and in that sets its own amazing backdrop.

Stories unite us, connect us and help us to stand in new storms - I wonder what your story of today is?

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