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Trails & Lockdown


The trails are all designed to be adaptable in a number of ways.

As a group - set up the trail around your route and wander together. (NOT DURING RESTRICTIONS)



As households/bubbles - set up the trail and inform people of where it is, the need for social distancing and normal Covid safe practice (hand wash/sanitise).  Feedback can be gathered on a social media site, by email or App such as WhatsApp.



WEEKLY  - all of the trails can also be used individually.  Some trails also have activity sheets that can be used as a 'do at home' to co-ordinate the ideas.  

Designed for Adaptability

The new resources are designed for flexibility and simplicity.  There are three parts, you can use 1,2 or all 3.

1. THROUGH THE WINDOW - 7 sheets that have Muddy Church at home, connecting with nature from the indoors!  It could also be taken into a garden if people have this available to them.

2. EXTRAS - a few ideas on the same theme for some extra activities, particularly with Home Schooling in mind.  Fun, simple, not a lot of materials.

3. WANDER - for people to use within their bubble/household or as part of their exercise routine a simple wander with reflections, ideas and wondering questions.  

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