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Muddy Church Wondering Book

A wonderful companion to Muddy Church adventures.  The Wondering Book offers pages of wondering questions and ideas suitable for all ages.

where to wonder

What is wondering?

How do I wonder?

when to wonder

Why wonder?

wondering faith


Lots of wondering questions to help you connect with the world and God.

Great for a daily devotional


A practical book to take with you on a wander.  

Spaces to add your own wondering.


Add a wonder to the dinner table or as part of a small group discussion

The Muddy Church Wondering Book is designed to be accessible to all ages, individuals or groups.  This is not a reading book, it's a doing book. 
It's simple wonders aim to help you reflect and deepen your connection with the world and with God.

Big discount for purchases for use with small groups. 
Please contact me for international postage costs.
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