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Welcome to the the Light Trail - created in collaboration between the Diocese of Birmingham and Muddy Church.  

We have created one trail - with all the resources, advice, materials you need but TWO versions of it.  Identical content but different designs so that you can pick the style that would work best for your setting and event.  The FREE to download pdf contains both versions - so just select the pages that work for you.

The trail is designed to be done at dusk or by torch light but this may not be practical for you and it will work equally well in the daylight.  You could add in your own wondering about how things may look different at night.

This version of the Light Trail is designed using the normal Muddy Church style with limited words, symbols and outlay.  

There is a six part trail, with a map and each has some suggestions should you also want to add in activities or use them as reflections.

There are also window words - if you were using this around streets you could invite homes to create a display around the word and then have the QR code or Light Stop sheet at this location.

There is also a Collect and Reflect Treasure sheet that invites people to discover six symbolic items.  These can be taken home to talk about or they could be used as sharing ideas with someone who is not able to get out and do the trail.

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Rest - I wonder if God rests?

Can you find a stick?

Screenshot 2021-10-02 at 16.03.34.png

Safe - I wonder if God feels near?

Can you find a dry leaf?

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Peace- I wonder if God can see in the dark?

Can you find a feather?

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Refuge - I wonder if there are angels in this place?

Can you find a stone?

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Rescue - I wonder if God's name is special?

Can you find any footprints?

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Listen - I wonder if God can hear you?

Can you find an acorn or seed?

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