The Pentecost Trail is a six part trail that can be positioned around a route or used as individual sheets for a group focus.  The trail is based on Acts 2 and offers an exploration of the bible and the world around us.  

This full trail can be downloaded as a PDF here

There is also a resource pack with this trail that offers activities, reflection sheets and a session guide.  

The resource pack can be downloaded as a PDF here

Each section also has a downloadable PDF for the trail and resource pack.

Pentecost Trail - Gather

As we begin our wander it's good to think about who is with us or why we are gathering. Take a moment to look around you, to think about what is gathering.

Pentecost Trail - Wind

There may be signs of the power of the wind near you - perhaps you can see a wind turbine or even a windmill? Can you feel the wind?

Pentecost Trail - Fire

Can you imagine seeing people with flames coming out of their head? What an incredible sight. Fire is wonderful, powerful, dangerous and yet welcoming and warming. How does fire make you feel?

Pentecost Trail - Share

It is beautiful that everyone cared so much for each other that they shared their all. Around us we can see the world that shares with us as we are invited into this space. What can you share?

Pentecost Trail - Celebrate

The people gathered together every day, they ate and drank. What a celebration every day. The whole world celebrates, would you like to join in?

Pentecost Trail - GO

God loves the world so much that He gave His one and only Son. On this final part of the trail we think about our journey and the world around us.