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Lent Resources

2 sheets or images that are FREE to download and use to help people connect with and through Lent. Click on the image to download the pdf file.

40 Bags is designed to help people to think about lifestyle and choices and how it affects the world.  Each day you take a bag as part of your reflection - you might declutter a draw and clear out rubbish.  It might be that you choose to sort some clothes or toys to give a bag to charity.  Or it could be a bag of food to the Foodbank or sweets to a friend.  Thinking about what we have, how we use it, how we might reduce our excess and how we can bless others.

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40 Moments is taking some time through Lent to enjoy the things around us, connect with nature and God.  Simple ideas which can be done whenever you want, it doesn't have to be one a day.  But spending purposeful and intentional moments and taking time to listen to what God may be whispering.

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