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This Trail has been collated with other Autumn resources into the Autumn Adventures Resource Pack.  

This can be downloaded as a pdf or you can purchase the ready printed pack which is printed so the pages can be detached and it is ready to use.

Autumn Adventures

Welcome to the Autumn Adventures trail. 

This is such a wonderful time of year, although most of the resources can be used at any time. Autumn is a time to celebrate change, to recognise the beauty around and within us.  
The trail also has a four part sheet that has activities, reflection and wondering.  This set can also be used as sessions over 6 weeks.
Each trail point comes with a 'take home' sheet that is linked to the ideas.  This can be downloaded as a Pdf by clicking on the image.
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Get Ready

I wonder if you can see things around that are getting ready or going to change?

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I wonder how you feel when you move?

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I wonder if you can hear a song from the trees or leaves?


I wonder if you realise how wonderful you are?


I wonder if you can see shapes in the clouds?


Listen to the world around you. Can you hear your breath slowly moving in and out….

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