As a mum to four children I face the battles many have about screen time and active lifestyles.  Having lived overseas one thing I missed in our location was green spaces and returning to the UK we were blessed to live for a short while in a Vicarage with it's own small woodland as a front garden. The back garden had trees and bushes that made great dens and right beside us was a walkway into the local countryside.  When we moved onto a new build estate every house looked similar, the green spaces were fenced off as private gardens ... except for the discovery that we lived five minutes from a nature reserve.
Space and freedom give opportunity for your mind to think, explore.  Mud, sticks, puddles and changing leaves give opportunity for you to think and explore. 
I believe in risky play, in children getting dirty, in people having company and being able to ask questions without answers.  I believe in fun and friendship, acceptance and walking with people through life's journey.
That is what Muddy Church is about.
As a tutor in Children, Family and theology I am learning as I live my life, as my family grow and also as I study to discover more.  I help groups set up Muddy Church in their location both rural and suburban as well as advising on play for all ages, Safeguarding, children and youth work and mission opportunities.  Please let me know if you would like more information or for meetings or conferences.
You don't have to be in green spaces, woodland or countryside, Muddy Church works where people are, because God is there too.  
Please contact Lucie for help in these areas
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