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Wise Old Woodpecker

I have seen this picture of the woodpecker quite a few times recently and was struck by the amazing skill, patience and practicality. The woodpecker makes holes for each acorn, not too big or other animals could get them out, not too small or they won't fit in. Each hole made for the acorn but also for the woodpecker so that by the end of summer the acorns can sit and ripen ready for when the woodpecker needs them over the winter.

This year has been long and hard, weariness, feelings of futile efforts, loss and missing have made plenty of holes in this mummy's heart. But I wonder if in it all I have planted any acorns that now I can feed from, seeds that have been ripening or if now is the time to prepare some to create those perfectly sized spaces that will hold the things I need no matter what happens around me?

The tree can hold up to 50,000 acorns, I'm not sure I need that many but I do need the lesson of the wise old woodpecker.


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