As we pause in our Christingle journey let's take a moment to reflect and pray.

Christ, born in a stable,

give courage to all who are homeless.

Christ, for whom the angels sang,

give the song of the kingdom to all who weep.

Christ, worshipped by the shepherds,

give peace on earth to all who are oppressed.

Christ, before whom the wise men knelt,

give humility and wisdom to all who govern.

Christ, whose radiance filled a lowly manger,

give the glory of your resurrection to all who rest in you.

Jesus, Saviour, child of Mary,

you know us and love us,

you share our lives

and hear our prayer.

Glory to you for ever. Amen

(taken from Church of England Seasonal Prayers)

Is there something that you feel you would like to say to God right now?
Is there something in the stillness of this pause that you feel God is saying to you?

You can pray your own prayer or join with this one:

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