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Psalm 23 Colour Trail

The world is full of wonderful colours....
colours all around us.  This trail adventures through different colours to think about how they make you feel or discover how they smell!  

The trail can be followed for each colour or you could split into teams and each take a different colour.  The other way you can use this trail is to take one colour each session and explore with it.

1 Green

Green may remind you of the luscious pastures or of envy. From grass on the ground to leaves overhead - I wonder where you can see green?

2 Blue

Blue is the colour from the ocean to the sky. I wonder where you can see blue?

3 Yellow

Yellow - sunshine, dandelions, custard and buttercups. Bees and honey and pineapples all share this colour. I wonder how yellow makes you feel?

4 Darkness

Sometimes the darkness hides or changes the colours. I wonder if you can discover dark spaces and how it changes what you see?

5 Colour Trail - Rainbow

Lots of colours everywhere. The world is full of shades and diversity. I wonder what multi-coloured things you can discover?

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