What is Muddy Church?

People are realising that filling their time with schedules, chore charts, planners, diaries, meetings, before school and after school activities and relentless screen connection is not actually the answer they were hoping for.

The deep connection to something isn't found in this busy-ness, in fact it has led many to a greater loneliness or sense of a total life inbalance.

Muddy Church is not an advertising, merchandising, megatropolis.  It has no aim or desire to make big bucks but is a place or connection of people who have a desire to escape, to wander and to wonder.  There is no need to Google an answer or directions or anything else at Muddy Church it is being with others, being with the world and being with God.

Muddy Church has different names - Forest Church, Mossy Church, Wiggles and Wellies (okay I made that up, but it's good!)  All of these will have different approaches but some of the same values of being places to seek Spiritual connectedness.
Muddy Church is not designed to be a programme to follow or with parameters of how you do it.  The aim of Muddy Church is for people to connect with their local community or congregation and to find the wonders in their local world.  To discover places and activities that meet their needs and offer a place of gathering.
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