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Welcome to the Children of LIGHT Trail.

We take the letters of LIGHT and explore what they might represent as we go for a wander.

This trail is also available to use as individual sessions with each part a focus of the wander or activities.  

This trail has been produced as part of the Children of Light Festival by Diocese of York.

You can find out more about the festival and lots of other incredible resources here: Children of Light


This is a space for you to wander, take your time and notice the things around you. There are three spaces reflecting on a passage from the bible in Ephesians 5. You may want to consider the activities or questions or just to think about the words and what you notice around you.


I wonder how light changes what you notice?


I wonder what you can imagine?


I wonder if you can sense God's glory anywhere?


Where can you see glimpses of hope?


Pathways and Trust. What does God trust you with?

Thinking back....

I wonder where you have sensed God most on your wander?